About Me

About me

After graduating from Loughborough College of Art and Design where I specialised in ceramics, I moved to Torrin in the Isle of Skye and set up a ceramics studio there. Skye had always been an important part of my childhood as we stayed at my grandmother's house in Torrin in the holidays. Whilst there I also taught pottery evening classes at Portree High School and decided to take up teaching as a career. After doing a postgraduate degree in Art and Design Education I taught art in both Primary and Secondary schools in England. In 1998 I moved to Harrapool in Broadford where I now have my studio and small gallery.

About my work

I work in two clays; a translucent porcelain for the smaller, delicate work and also, a buff stoneware clay. I model the clay by hand with a few simple hand tools, (so each piece is completely unique) and I mix the glazes to my own recipes. The inspiration for my work comes from Skye's rich landscape and its inhabitants. I love the humour I find in looking at the faces of the sheep, and the abundance of natural form found on the seashore gives me an endless source of inspiration for the thin porcelain bowls.